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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can you make?
    I can make candles with custom labels as party favors for special events, photo candles, pillar candles for Baptism or wedding ceremonies. I keep a variety of wax and different wicks on hand so I can make things quickly when needed. I have several molds for decorative pillar candles and I can make just about any size mold with PVC pipe. Photos can be transferred onto LED candles that are coated with wax or a hand poured candle, another option would be a photo printed on the label stickers. I keep dough bowls on hand sourced from Rustic Farms, each is carved by hand and has it's own character. These can be requested with wood or cotton wicks and embellished with glitter, botanicals, or crystals, and of course your favorite scent blend. If you're looking for something more creative contact me.
  • How do I make a request or start custom order?
    Requests and inquiries can be made by the filling out the contact form on the website or email
  • Are your candles clean?
    I make effort to be mindful about the materials I use. Many of the scents I use are classified as clean scents and all of them come from trusted companies that offer research and awareness on keeping candles safe and clean for all members of the household as well as eco friendly. In my experience most perfumists and manufacturers have done well to identify potentially harmful ingredients and discontinue them. For a more natural option I offer unscented natural beeswax container candles. The beeswax I use is minimally rendered with no additives. I blend the beeswax with a small amount of organic coconut oil so it burns evenly and gives a gentle honey scent.
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